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This is How To Make Coconut Milk DIY- The Homemade Method

Natural gelatin in broths is a Superfood that transforms your health and your beauty too.
In this post, I would like to share the ‘secret sauce’ of making broth that actually gels!

This is how to make crunchy, fried plantain chips.

Do you need some inspiration on your AIP journey? Join me on the AIP 4-Weeks-Challenge, starting today!

Let’s do this together for 4 weeks!

This is a batch cooking process that I usually devote part of my Sundays to, so that I can effectively produce the amount of real food from scratch that would last for an entire week on the AIP protocol.

In her recent talk at HEALTH Unplugged Conference in London, Dr. Terry Wahls gave a great overview about the role of the living ecosystem called Human Microbiome. She outlined the importance of shifting the gut flora into a more health-promoting neighborhood, and gave us some action items as well. Here is a short summary of her presentation.

My notes from Christine Bailey’s presentation at HEALTH Unplugged, London.

This is how I got to the root of my autoimmune condition, and the 10 most critical steps I took to reverse it.

Where was this bundle when I was preparing for, and doing my 4 Weeks AIP Journey?
I wish I had this great resource back then!

Get a sneak-peak into my AIP journey! For 4 weeks, I decided to log and document every single meal I eat on the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. I captured everything into a video, and made a 4-Weeks-Meal-Plan out of it. Now I am making all these available to download for free!

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