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Watch Dr. Chatterjee on BBC how he is transforming lives by applying ancestral principles into modern life!

My notes from Christine Bailey’s presentation at HEALTH Unplugged, London.

This is how I got to the root of my autoimmune condition, and the 10 most critical steps I took to reverse it.

The Functional approach in Healing means that we are trying to figure out the root causes behind your health conditions instead of just managing and addressing your symptoms. It includes a deep investigation and non-invasive laboratory tests to uncover healing opportunities for you…

Are you ready to stop chasing your symptoms? Learn about the root causes and what to do to fix them to get back to great health again!

Find out the 6 hidden causes of most chronic health problems and learn how to fix them!

Hormonal imbalances are at the root of many chronic health issues.

When your body is under chronic stress, your hormonal system shunts away the substrate that your body needs to produce certain hormones in favor of making cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

In the course I took to become a health coach – a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner – we learned the functional concept of getting to the root of health complaints. The first time this concept was presented was by a nice little diagram called the Brain-Body Diagram. This diagram helped me a lot to[…]

As a health coach, I help you feel and look better by balancing the underlying cause of your health problems instead of just addressing and treating your symptoms.

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