How To Make Coconut Milk DIY

Today I would like to show you how to make homemade coconut milk DIY – the homemade method.

  • You will need a couple of coconuts (note: the more coconuts you have the more milk you will end up with:)
  • Wash the coconuts in running water and pat them dry
  • Pick the one spot at the top of the coconut that is softer than the other two
  • Drill in the soft spot with a screwdriver to make a hole
  • Once you have the hole, turn the coconut upside down and drain the coconut water into a glass
  • Now, it is time to crack them open!
  • The method I found the easiest is to use a big stone and hit the coconut in the middle many times, turning it around with the other hand until it cracks
  • Once it is cracked, you can open it. It may fall apart by itself too.
  • Now you have it opened!
  • It is time to take the coconut meat out of the shells
  • You can do that by cutting smaller, ‘triangle’ shapes into the meat and scraping it out with a knife
  • You will end up with a bunch of triangle shaped coconut meat pieces
  • Transfer them into a food processor
  • Add some warm water to cover the coconut meat pieces
  • And blend it on high until you get a soup-like texture
  • Looks like a soup when you pour it out from the food processor
  • Next, place a strainer over a big bowl
  • Cover it with a cheesecloth
  • And pour the coconut meat mixture over the cheesecloth from the processor
  • Grab the four corners of the cheesecloth and hang it up so that the liquid part starts to drain out
  • Squeeze the milk out as much as you can by pressing onto the ball of coconut milk in the cloth
  • You can make this process much easier if you have a juicer
  • Pour the coconut meat mixture you just made with the food processor into the juicer, making sure to always add plenty of liquid along the coconut meat (otherwise it will be too hard on your juicer)
  • There you have it! Pour the coconut milk into jars and put it into the fridge to keep it fresh
  • The squeezed coconut meat you can spread on a cookie sheet and dry in the oven on low temperature
  • Use it as a coconut shred or blend it into coconut flour

This recipe is actually part of the 4-Weeks-AIP-Mealplan, the Autoimmune Meal Plan that I have been following to reverse my Hashimoto’s thyroid condition, with great success. The AIP protocol has been a foundation in my healing process. Diet and lifestyle changes along with functional health detective work to figure out and address my root causes were the winner combo in reversing my disease.

If you would like to get a sneak peak into my way of the AIP protocol that I have been following, you can download it in a 4-Week- Mealplan format from HERE, totally free!

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