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Do You need an exit strategy? Watch Irena Macri – best selling author of Eat Drink Paleo – explaining how she quit her corporate job and turned an international hobby into her own full time business.

Getting educated is one of the very first and among the most important steps you can make to get healthy!

Have you ever wondered about how to figure out the difference between right and RIGHT FOR YOU, so that you can live up to your ‘great story’? Do you master putting your brain into standby mode, which is not only important, but really necessary?

I have just found an evolutionary&functional-medicine-fan soulmate from Sweden!:) Jonas Bergqvist is Sweden’s main Paleo educator and consultant. I had a nice chat with him all about tailoring the Paleo needs for athletes – based on evolutionary perspective & fine-tuned with functional medicine perspective, and more. Can not wait to hear more of what he[…]

In this Podcast episode, we are talking with Ben Pratt about the robust health of traditional cultures eating real food, versus our modern world’s nutritional playground that is difficult to navigate around.

Sam Feltham stops by to have a chat about smashing the fat, about a sneak peak into his upcoming book on the ethical and environmental issues surrounding meat, as well as about …

Listen to Dr. Terry Walhs talking about what you can do to cultivate your own microbial garden and how does your inner ecosystem called the human microbiome can influence your health. Learn more on these topics at the upcoming…

I have even MOORE for you in HEALTH Unplugged preview series! We had a chat with Jimmy Moore over at Periscope. For those of you new to Periscope, it is a cool online platform where you can explore the world through someone else’s eyes. This is what we did with Jimmy – trans Atlantic-, and[…]

In this episode of HEALTH Unplugged preview interview series, I chat with Jerry Dhillon – founder of Evolution In Fitness – about re-balancing evolutionary heritage, about mindset, about how to be analogue in a digital world, and a lot more! There is so much to learn from Jerry! This was our first time talking, but[…]

Dr. Paul Jaminet of the Perfect Health Diet is joining us on HEALTH Unplugged too, and now he is back on my Podcast with a short preview about his upcoming Q&A session on Halloween day! We are chatting about his way of teaching how to be healthy for life, about his finishing cookbook, and about[…]

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