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I have proudly become a member of the organizers team of HEALTH Unplugged, Europe’s premier health and wellbeing conference! Being a HEALTH Unplugged international ambassador, I am going to make preview interviews with some of the speakers…

“It is about movement, it is about lifestyle, to put it in a nutshell, it is the most natural way of life.” Europe’s biggest Paleo Event is going to take place in Berlin, on the 25th of July. In this interview I have a chat with Paul Seelhorst, co-founder of the Paleo Convention Berlin. Listen,[…]

Dr. Jaminet stops by My Wellness Workshop Radio to discuss topics from his book – the Perfect Health Diet, as well as about his upcoming talk on the Paleo Convention Berlin.

Sally Fallon, founder-president of the Weston A. Price Foundation is the guest on My Wellness Workshop Show. Listen to the interview to learn about the number one nutrient you need to have for healthy and straight-growing teeth, and a lot more about how you can use nourishing traditions to stay healthy and robust.

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